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Students and Alumni of the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) were recently recognized for their creative projects at the American Advertising Awards Gala hosted at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Overall, UAH presented 13 entries, with 8 winning top awards. Congratulations to all students, faculty, and alumni for their contributions. For questions about the Graphic Design program, please contact

The following students and alumni received awards for their work during the North Alabama American Advertising Gala. 

Kae Partida

Student of the Year 2023-2024

During her internship, Kae produced over 45+ pieces of work with the Village of Promise in Huntsville.

Eden Grimes

Student Best of Show and Gold Award 

Winning Campaign Entitled: Mountain Goat Outfitters

A series of works that spans across many types of media like a Logo, an Ad, and a Cup Graphic Design.

cropped eden grimes moutain goat

Annie Weaver

Silver Award

Winning Campaign Entitled: 40R THE RECoRD

A series of works that explored a full album cover and support materials.

Notable 5 Bronze Award

Winning Campaign Entitled: When Pigs Fly

A class project

cropped 40rtherecordcd

Jacob Daughtery 

Notable 5 Bronze Award

Winning Campaign Entitled: SunRise Mart Japanese Import Store

A series of works that explore extended a project into other media using the same cohesive look throughout a campaign.

cropped daugherty aaf sunrisemart

Kim Fowler 

Notable 5 Bronze Award

Winning Piece(s) Entitled: Stationary and Product Packaging

A package design with the support of a stationary system.

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