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Comparative Cultures and Conflicts Certificate

Whether you travel abroad for your career or for pleasure or just want to know more about world cultures, a graduate certificate in Comparative Cultures and Conflicts (CCC) from UAH will help you grow.  

Quality Faculty

Our faculty has expertise in the history of the Modern Middle East and Islam, Modern Europe and Russia, Modern Latin America and revolutions, United States military and diplomacy, contemporary United States public policy, technology, and the environment.  You will study the cultural, political, economic, diplomatic, and military variables that influence various societies around the world.


You will learn in a work-friendly and flexible hybrid course format that blends online instruction and discussion with face-to-face meetings.  Your professors will help you grow professional skills in research, analysis, and communication as you learn about the modern world.

Why pursue a CCC?
  • To establish a global context for your career, whether in the civilian, military, science or technology sectors
  • To analyze global patterns and their transformation over time
  • To explain the causes and contexts of contemporary conflicts
  • To explore U.S. relations and interactions with the world
  • To consider the ways nations, groups, and individuals experience conflict
  • To practice historical thinking as central to citizenship and leadership
  • To develop skills in research, analysis, and communication
The program consists of:
  • 5 designated CCC MA history courses (one course may be designated a Political Science MA course)

For a full list of courses for the Comparative Cultures and Conflicts Certificate, visit the UAH Catalog.


If you have any questions about the program or are interested in pursuing a CCC, contact Dr. Dylan Baun at dylan.baun@uah.edu