I’ve been admitted; now what?

When you are formally admitted into the Graduate School, you will receive a letter of welcome from Graduate School and another one the Department Chair, which will advise you to meet with the Director of English Graduate Studies to draw up a Program of Study (POS). (Students pursuing only the Technical Writing Certificate will be directed to the Director of Business and Technical Writing instead.) The POS is a one-page document that outlines the courses you will be taking, and serves as a contract between you and the Department. Of course, because the schedule only looks forward about one year, in many cases the POS will serve as a guide or template, noting such things as the requisite number of 500- and 600-level courses and the required courses in particular programs. Please meet with or contact the Director of English Graduate Studies before registering for coursework so we can be sure each of the courses you select will serve your particular needs in the program. If you are pursuing a Technical Writing Certificate as a part of the M.A. program, you will also need to contact the Director of Business and Technical Writing to lay out a plan for that portion of your program, particularly your allied field coursework. In some instances, you will also require advising from the College of Education; if you are pursuing teacher certification, expect to work closely with advisors there throughout your program.