Ms. Anna Lowe Weber

Lecturer, English Department


Anna Lowe Weber is a lecturer in the English department at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. She teaches classes in poetry, fiction, and composition. Her poetry has been published in the Iowa Review, Black Warrior Review, Salamander, Rattle, and Ninth Letter, among other journals. She has been a Pushcart Prize nominee and a Rattle Poetry Prize finalist, and her manuscript, Variations on a Domestic Theme, was a semi-finalist for the Idaho Prize for Poetry. In addition to teaching, she serves as coordinator for Alabama’s Region Five Poetry Out Loud competition.

Ms. Anna Weber’s Curriculum Vitae


M.F.A., Creative Writing (concentration in poetry), Purdue University

B.A., English, College of Charleston

Classes Taught


  • Black Warrior Review: “The Lecturer” (2004, Issue 31:4)
  • Dislocate: “Aviary;” “If Not Latvia, Then What?” (2006)
  • Cimarron Review: “Night Wash” (2008, Issue 163)
  • Makeout Creek: “Dwell,” “Autobiography” (2008, Issue 2)
  • Colorado Review: “Why Don’t You Tell Me How You Feel About It?” (2009 Issue 36:2)
  • Redivider: “This Winter, I’ve Spent a Considerable Amount of Time Dreaming About Grandmothers”: (2009, Issue 7:1)
  • Iowa Review: “Onset of Winter” (2009, Issue 39.3)
  • Bellingham Review: “My Mother’s Final Words,” “Forgive Me” (2009, Issue 61)
  • Green Mountains Review: “Tale (2009, Vol. XXII, No.1)” (also featured on Verse Daily, 2009)
  • Connotation Press: “Old Hurts,” “Red Bird Poetics” (2010)
  • 2River View: “A Man Dies in the South. A Widow Mourns.” “Of Course the Dead Are Hungry” (2011, Issue 15:3)
  • Red River Review: “I Come From a Long Line of Great Southern Jewels” (2011, Issue 39)
  • The Boxcar Review: “All We Didn’t Know We Didn’t Know” (2011, Issue 29)
  • Ascent: “Santo Subito” (2011); “Bombs in Springtime” (2013)
  • Rattle: “Spring Break 2011” (finalist for the Rattle Poetry Prize) (2011, Issue 36)
  • Blue Mesa Review: “Husband, before we married” (2012, Issue 25)
  • The Florida Review: “Our Skunk,” “In Our New House” (2012, Issue 37.1)
  • Linebreak: “Inspection” (2012)
  • Ninth Letter: “Pre-Natal Musings” (2012, Issue 9.1)
  • Salamander: “Blessing for the Unborn,” “By metaphor you paint a thing” (2012, Issue 18.1)
  • Palooka: “Domestic Bliss in Four Parts,” “These Among the Things You Gave Me,” “Concerns of the Home and Family,” “This Is No Parable,” “Death Instructions For a Lover” (2013, Issue 3)
  • The Mom Egg Review: “At the Little Gym” (2014, Vol. 12); “My Daughter’s Mouth” (2015, Vol. 13)
  • Bluestem Magazine: “Luck,” “American Song” (2014)
  • Hoot and Hare Review: “Fresh Envy,” “Nine Plant Names…” “Instinct” (2014, Issue 2)
  • Hermeneutic Chaos: “Conversations” (also chosen as an honorable mention for the 2014 Jane Lumley Prize)
  • 2 Bridges Review: "Return to Indiana,” "After Spending the Summer Watching All Seven Seasons of The Sopranos" (2015, Issue 4)
  • Reunion: The Dallas Review: “When you ask to hear the story of your birth”; “To My Husband, Now an Atheist but Once an Evangelical Christian” (2015, Issue 5)
  • The McNeese Review: “The Blood”; “Charleston Lament” (2015, Issue 52)
  • The Beechwood Review: (forthcoming) “Toddler”


  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP)
  • Huntsville Literary Association


  • 2009: Pushcart Prize nominee
  • 2011: Rattle Poetry Prize finalist
  • 2012: Semi-finalist; Idaho Prize for Poetry
  • 2014: Honorable Mention, the Jane Lumley Prize in Poetry (“Conversations”)
  • 2015: 2nd Place, Southern Writers Symposium Emerging Writers Contest (“My Grandfather, Dying of Alzheimer's, Finds a Rifle in the Closet and Fires a Shot Through the Bedroom Wall. No One is Hurt.”)