Dr. Angela Balla

Associate Professor, English Department


My current research examines the role of seventeenth-century religious poetry in the rise of toleration. In addition to working on several chapters, I am currently researching a separate essay, "George and Edward Herbert's Intertwined Paths Toward Toleration."

I am also at work on a project that grew out of my graduate teaching:"Satirizing the Absolute: Margaret Cavendish's Critique of Sovereignty in The Blazing World."

Dr. Angela Balla’s Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., English Language and Literature, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2003
  • M.A., English Language and Literature, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 1997
  • B.A., English Literature, University of Arizona, 1996

Classes Taught


  • “Baconian Investigation and Spiritual Standing in Herbert’s The Temple,” George Herbert Journal34.1-2 (Fall 2010-Spring 2011): 55-77
  • “Neighbourliness and Toleration in the Work of George Herbert,” Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 35.2 (Spring 2012): 113-141
  • "Wars of Evidence and Religious Toleration in Milton’s Samson Agonistes,” Milton Quarterly 46.2 (2012): 65-85
  • Scholarship Review: “Milton and Poetry: 1603-1660,” section 3 on John Donne (co- authored with Gregory Kneidel), in The Year’s Work in English Studies, 93 (2014): 498-502.
  • Book Review: The English Poems of George Herbert (ed. Helen Wilcox, Cambridge University Press, 2007), in the Journal of British Studies/Albion 48:2 (April 2009): 489-490.
  • Book Review: The English Radical Imagination: Culture, Religion, and Revolution, 1630-1660 (Nicholas McDowell, Clarendon Press, 2003), in “Religion, Secularism, and Cultural Studies,” ed. Lori Branch and Everett L. Hamner, Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 7 (Fall 2005): 125-8.
  • Book Review: Literature, Satire, and the Early Stuart State (Andrew McRae, Cambridge University Press, 2004), in the Journal of British Studies/Albion 44:4 (October 2005): 825-6.
  • Book Review: Writing Rape, Writing Women in Early Modern England: Unbridled Speech (Jocelyn Catty, St. Martin’s Press, 1999), in Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 31:4 (Summer 2002): 581-3.