The sculpture area at UAH encourages each individual student to develop the technical know-how and sincere critical analysis required to become active participants in the dialogue surrounding the field.

With over 7,000 square feet of studio space, sculpture students have the opportunity to develop individual ideas in a fully equipped woodshop, metal fabrication facility, metal foundry, outdoor sculpture yard, and digital fabrication facility.

Graduates leave our program with the ability to play an active role in today's art world as artists, studio assistants, gallery preparators, foundry assistants, studio technicians, and much more. Many of our students use their time at UAH to prepare for acceptance into master's degree programs nationwide.


-Table Saw, Jointer & Planer (both retrofitted with Helix-blades), Miter saw, panel saw, stationary sanders, 4 bandsaws, 2 drill presses, CNC milling machine, scroll saw, & lathe.

Metal Shop

-3 MIG Welders, TIG welder, Oxy-Acetylene Setup, Forge, Plasma Cutter, Cabinets full of hand tools and safety equipment, Speedy Melt furnace, burnout kiln.


-Electric Kiln, Slab Roller

Digital Fabrication

-CNC Plasma Cutter

-Large and Small format Laser Cutters

-Large format clay and cement 3D Printer

-Resin 3D Printer

-Large Format Extrusion Printer

-Several other extrusion printers

-Digital Paper Cutter

Skillsets Taught

Students in the sculpture program can look forward to learning the following technical skills:

  • Mold making
  • Welding
  • Wood joinery
  • Steam bending
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D printing
  • Metal casting
  • Metal fabrication
  • Stone carving 

For a full list of sculpture courses and degree requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.