Photography darkroom

The Photography program at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) provides a solid foundation in Fine Art Photography.

The photo curriculum will help the student understand the visual language of photography from its beginnings to contemporary practices. Students will establish a personal way of seeing that will promote an individual style of photography.


Students will complete both a digital and traditional wet darkroom curriculum for a complete understanding of the medium. The Historic and Experimental darkroom class also includes 19th century historic techniques, which introduces the student to alternative processes in photography. It is taught as a travel-abroad class that visits England to experience the places and techniques of early photography. Our digital facilities include a photography lab with 20 Apple Macintosh workstations, digital scanners, and printers up to 24" wide format.

The photo facilities include a darkroom gang room with 16 enlarger stations. There are also 3 upper-level private darkrooms with 4x5 enlargers, as well as one room used for mural printing. Also available is a 10x20 studio with background, studio lighting, and other equipment.

For a full list of photography courses and degree requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.