Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) focuses on the creative aspects of designing print and web-based graphics.

Attention is paid to applications within the corporate, publication and advertising context. Students learn the principles of advertising, methods used in the field, and skills necessary to bring a design problem to a logical solution. Areas of study include visual design foundation, advertising & design theory, conceptual thinking, typography, print production, corporate design, and publications design, illustration and web development. Computer design skills are integrated into various subjects throughout the program. Graduates will be proficient in computer design using the Apple Macintosh platform in our digital labs as they enter into the various design professions.

Student Advertising Federation

SAF (Student Advertising Federation) is the UAH on campus advertising club. We are members of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), and the American Advertising Federation of North Alabama (AAFNA). SAF is a creative resource for students to explore advertising, work with community projects, and develop leadership skills by becoming involved in advertising activities. The purpose of the club is to enhance the student graphic designer's portfolio, experience, and community relations.

For a full list of graphic courses and degree requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.