Art History

Students in Art History study cultures all over the globe. Visiting archaeologists come to classes to discuss everything from Buddhist cave art in Tibet to Roman sculpture. Students choose fascinating research topics such as the transformation of dragon imagery in the medieval period, revolutions and the birth of modernism, and the rise and fall of the hipster in contemporary art. We make field trips to local archaeological sites, galleries, artists' studios, and art museums. There are internship opportunities in the community. You can study abroad!

The skills you learn here are useful in a wide range of occupations including careers as curators or archivists at the many museums, historic organizations, and galleries across the country. Others use art history to hone their intellectual abilities in art for careers in media, advertising, publishing, fashion, or design. Some move into careers in business, government, and other nonprofit organizations.

For a full list of Art History courses and degree requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.