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As the end of the semester approaches, take a look back at all the progress you have made as an individual and the progress we have made as a community. Despite going through uncertain times and a pandemic, be proud of you and your community’s achievements- no matter how big or small. Now that finals are approaching, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself, relax, and reflect on your achievements. Although finals are a stressful time of the semester, self-care is vital to success, not only academically, but personally as well. Here are some tips for relaxing and reflecting during these times.

  • Plan something you enjoy doing every day for at least 20 minutes.
    Having something to look forward to every day allows you to not only take a break from the stress of finals but also boost your overall happiness since you are doing something that is enjoyable. The activity you choose to do can be anything- from reading a chapter of your favorite book, going on a hike, or baking your favorite dessert.
  • Write a realistic to-do list for each day that consists of mini-goals for personal and academic life.
    By breaking down your bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable goals you will be able to achieve the bigger tasks with more ease. In addition, separating your lists into personal and academic goals will help you keep organized and make your tasks seem more manageable.
  • Write things you achieved this semester that you are proud of- no matter how small.
    We often forget our accomplishments because we are always moving from task to task. It is also important to remember and reflect on your recent accomplishments so that you can be proud of yourself and take this inspiration to the next chapter of your life. By scheduling time to reflect on your achievements, you will find updating your resume easier.
  • Write a list of things to look forward to this summer.
    After this semester ends, there are many opportunities this summer to relax and start new goals.  Whether you are taking summer classes, doing an internship, graduating, or working this summer, having at least a few things planned to look forward to will allow you to finish out the semester strong so that you can look forward to those summer plans.

Good luck on your final exams and congratulations to those graduating this term. For more information and tips, join us on social media!

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Student blog entry created by CAHS Student Outreach Student Assistant & College Ambassador Arianna Kholanjani (Communication Arts). 

Photo Credit Jennifer Clifton