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"Mirror's Edge" Digital Pigment Print.

Photo Credit Noah Ward

Noah Ward’s BFA Photography exit show titled “Pensive State” features a body of work inspired by memories. He searches the gray areas of documentation to connect with emotions. Subjectivity is on the edge of these meaningful photographs and you notice what is no longer ordinary.

Ward describes his search,

Life is constantly going on all around us, leaving behind moments that are one of a kind.  These moments are so fragile that when they are committed to memory alone, they tend to be corrupted and warped as time goes by. My work preserves the moments that we hold on to, utilizing framing and reflections that we tend to pass off as ordinary. These pictures put you in a pensive state, forcing you to reflect on your own memories in the corners of your mind.

On view in the Salmon Library Gallery through April 9th.

Virtual tour available through April 30th.