Welcome! My name is Mitch Berbrier and I am the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

What is important to know about the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHS) at UAH?

Two things:

  1. Top Quality in the Region:

    We strive to be the very best and most interesting collection of liberal arts programs in our entire region. Most students completing our programs share the view that our programs are inspiring, rigorous, and rewarding.
  2. Employable Skills:

    We understand that most students who are looking at programs in the liberal arts are concerned about how the degree will help them get a job. And ALL of their parents and guardians are concerned about that.

    For us it is not a question of "either you get a great education or you get workplace skills." Rather, our goal is that each and every student will get both a great education AND workplace skills. This approach is a big part of everything we do with our students.

    Over the years we have revised most of our programs in ways that will help students know how to sell their skills on their resumes. And we have created all of our new programs with both academics and employability in mind.

    Beginning in 2018-19, within their first year as a student in our college, all CAHS students will be strongly encouraged to take the course AHS 200: How to Get a Job with your AHS Degree. We try to do this early because we want students to have the opportunity to begin seeing the connections between their academic work and the professional workplace.

    All of our major programs have internship opportunities of one sort or another.

I invite you to visit our departments' web pages and learn more about the CAHS Edge.

But it would be even better if you could visit our beautiful campus. If you think that UAH is just some run-of-the-mill small university, a 30 minute walk through our campus will set you straight on that.

While you are here, if there is anyone in the college you would like to meet -- for example, the chair of the department in which you are most interested, or myself, or any representative of my office -- please let me know and I will be glad to arrange that for you.

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photo of Mitch Berbrier

Dr. Mitch Berbrier

Dean and Professor of Sociology