What is Verification?

Verification is an audit of your FAFSA application. The Department of Education initially selects 30% of all applications for verification. UAH has the option to select additional applications for verification based on particular criteria.

In the process, certain documentation is requested in order to complete verification. Documentation can include a verification worksheet, student and parent tax transcripts, W2's, social security benefit statements, court documents, and any other documentation requested by the financial aid administrator.

What is a verification worksheet?

The dependent verification worksheet requires student and parent to answer questions concerning the current household as well as the members of the household attending a Title IV eligible university during the current academic year. Information on untaxed income benefits is also required. Student and parent tax transcripts and w2's must be submitted with the verification worksheet.

The independent verification worksheet requires student and spouse (if married) to answer the same questions as noted previously in regard to household, members of the household attending college, and untaxed benefits. The student's (and spouse's) tax transcript and w2's are also required.

How long does the process of verification take?

Documents should be provided in a timely manner. Any delay in the receipt of required documents will delay the financial aid award. Documents received as incomplete cannot be processed. Once all documents are submitted, verification can take up to 14 business days to process. Verification documents should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start of the term. 

How am I notified of the requirements for verification?

The Financial Aid Office will send an email to your current UAH email account requesting specific supporting documentation. New students should activate their UAH email account as soon as possible after being admitted. Once the term begins, the student's UAH email is used for any email notifications.