UAH's Freshman Academic Scholarships recognize incoming first-time freshmen (including international students) who have demonstrated superior academic achievement in high school. All Freshman Academic Scholarships are four-year awards for fall and spring semesters, renewable each semester based on full-time student status and satisfactory academic progress.  Please note, fully online students are not eligible for Freshman Academic Scholarships.

Renewal Criteria

Freshman Academic Scholarships are renewable for up to eight total semesters of award. Renewal is contingent upon meeting the following requirements.

  • Remain classified as an undergraduate student
  • Enroll full-time each consecutive fall and spring term
  • Earn a minimum 2.00 UAH GPA each semester
  • Earn a minimum of 6 credit hours each semester
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative UAH GPA of 3.00
  • Earn a minimum of 24 combined credit hours from fall and spring of the same academic year

Note that students who first enroll in the spring semester must earn at least 12 credit hours with a GPA of 3.00. 

Scholarships will not be renewed if the cumulative UAH GPA falls below 2.00.

Renewal eligibility will be evaluated annually after final grades are submitted following the spring semester.

Scholarship Probation

Students who do not meet the renewal criteria will be placed on Scholarship Probation for one semester, during which they will retain their scholarships. For example, a student whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 or who does not earn 24 credit hours during the year will be placed on Scholarship Probation.  Students will be contacted about additional mandatory terms (e.g., in-person advising meetings, written plan for success, and academic recovery sessions) required to maintain their scholarships and be provided the opportunity to return to good standing, which means a cumulative UAH GPA of 3.00 and at least 12 earned credit hours in the probationary semester.  Failure to return to good standing will result in loss of Freshman Academic Scholarships.