UAH makes it easy to apply for admission as an undergraduate international student. Before starting your application through Charger Status, get an overview of the process and review application requirements below. 

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Admission Requirements

Each applicant is evaluated based on individual merit and demonstrated success in a rigorous academic environment. High school and/or college coursework, grade point average, and language proficiency factor in admissions decisions.

Submit Required Documents

Complete your application by submitting your academic records and other required documents.

Academic Records

Submit certified academic records in the original language with a certified English translation from each institution attended.

Academic records for high school and college education received outside of the U.S. must be evaluated by a credential evaluation service and should comprise a document-by-document (high school) or course-by-course (college) evaluation and a grade point average for each institution attended.

Applicants have the responsibility to contact the evaluation agency directly so that the evaluation agency can send the official evaluation report to UAH; copies will not be accepted by UAH. Acceptable evaluation services are as follows:

World Education Services (WES)
Josef Silny and Associates
Lisano International

ACT/SAT Scores

For international undergraduate applicants, ACT/SAT scores are not required for admissions consideration. However, these scores are required to determine your scholarship eligibility.

For U.S. permanent residents who are graduating from a high school within the United States, ACT/SAT scores are required for admission AND scholarship consideration. 

You may have your official ACT or SAT scores sent directly to UAH by the testing agency.

School code: 0053

School code: 1854

English Language Proficiency Scores

If English is not your native language, you must submit a score that meets UAH’s English proficiency requirements. In order to be eligible for admission, students must achieve one of the following scores:

  • TOEFL iBT* - All sub-scores must be ≥ 18. 
  • TOEFL Essentials* - All sub-scores must be ≥ 8. 
  • IELTS - All sub-scores must be ≥ 6.0. 

*UAH TOEFL School Code - 1854

A TOEFL or IELTS score is preferred but given the changes in the testing environment, additional language assessment options are now available. Given that some of these tests are not as established as TOEFL and IELTS in terms of reliability and validity measures, UAH reserves the right to verify and double check the applicant’s English proficiency when deemed necessary..

TOEFL iBT Special Home Addition - All sub-scores must be ≥ 18. 
IELTS Indicator
- All sub-scores must be ≥ 6.0.
Duolingo - Students must achieve total score of 100 (with each sub-score ≥ 95).
PTE Academic - Students must achieve total score of 53.
Pearson Versant English Placement Test (VEPT) - Students must achieve total score of 65.

You do not need to submit a score if:

  • English is your native language (the language used in the home where you were raised, in the schools where you were educated, and in your daily business)
  • You have graduated from an accredited high school or university in U.S.

Required Documentation Regarding Citizenship Status

If you are an F1 or J1 student, you must also submit an affidavit of financial support for $39,438 and documents (such as official bank letter) that prove that you or your sponsor has access to fluid funds sufficient to cover at least one year's tuition and living expenses. U.S. Permanent Residents will be required to submit a copy of your permanent resident card. All of these items can be uploaded directly to your Charger Status account.



  • Once you are admitted, you will receive an email notification on how to obtain your necessary documents. The information provided will enable you to make your consulate appointment.

  • Any current scholarship awards will show as funding on your I-20.

  • Complete the Charger Checklist

    Once you've been offered admission to UAH, visit Admitted Students to view the Charger Checklist, which includes your next steps as an admitted student. 


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