If you do not wish to pursue a degree program at UAH but wish to take courses independently, you may enter as a non-degree seeking student with departmental approval.

UAH Graduate Admissions has moved to a new application system

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new and improved online application portal for future graduate students! This new application, called Charger Status, will simplify and streamline the admissions process. Students who previously started a Common Application System (CAS) application will be contacted via email with more information about how to complete the admissions process in Charger Status.

Create Your Charger Status Account

Charger Status will help you navigate the UAH Graduate Admissions process. Through your Charger Status account, you can:

  • Apply for graduate admission
  • Track the status of your application
  • Upload admissions supplemental items for review
  • View your admissions decision

Submit Your Application

After creating your Charger Status account, you will be directed to the application for admission. Complete the application and pay the $60 application fee.

Submit Your Transcript

Non-degree students may submit unofficial transcripts for admissions consideration and should be uploaded directly to Charger Status. 

Submit the Non-Degree Course Approval Form

In order to be considered for admission as a non-degree graduate student, you must submit the Non-Degree Course Approval Form by uploading it directly to Charger Status. Please note, completion of this form will require you to get department approval for each course you wish to take. 


  • For each term you wish to enroll as a non-degree graduate student, you will need to submit a new application for admission and a new completed Non-Degree Course Approval Form. 
  • Should you decide to pursue a graduate degree at UAH, you will need to complete a new application for admission and submit all required supplemental items.
  • Students who enroll as a non-degree student are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Standard tuition and fees apply to students who take courses as a non-degree student.
  • Individuals with an F-1 or F-2 Academic Student Visa, or a B Visitor's Visa are not eligible to apply to a non-degree program per federal regulations.

Can I transfer UAH non-degree credits to a degree program?

If you later decide to pursue a master’s degree, you may apply a maximum of 12 graduate hours earned as a non-degree student. A non-degree student who wishes to be considered for admission to a degree program must submit the application and supporting documents and test scores ordinarily required for admission to the degree program. A minimum grade of B- is required for each course to be eligible for transfer to a degree program.

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