Important Dates

June 1: Summer 2021 classes begin
August 18:
Fall 2021 classes begin

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Degree Requirements

Requirements for College of Science degrees are located in the UAH Catalog.


Thinking about attending Graduate School? The Join Undergraduate Master's Program allows you to take graduate-level courses (and get graduate credit in addition to your undergraduate credit) but pay undergraduate prices. Apply any time before your last semester.


When is Graduation?

Graduation occurs twice a year: once in December and once in May.

Can I graduate in the Summer term?

Yes, you can earn your degree in the Summer term, but you will participate in the December commencement ceremony. 

How do I graduate?
  1. Your Advisor completes pre-audits each semester to ensure that your long range plan remains accurate and on track for you to graduate. You can always see your degree progress using Degree Works.
  2. Chat with your Advisor between 6 months and a year before your planned graduation term to review your courses and make sure you are close to graduation.
  3. Apply to graduate one to three semesters prior to your intended graduation term.

Academic Advising Office

Materials Science Building, Second Floor

Monday through Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM