A message from the president of UAH.

Dear UAH Students,

Welcome to the start of a fall semester unlike any other! For the last several months, the university has been preparing for your arrival and we are excited to start the academic year. Though this fall semester may look different than we might have imagined, what hasn’t changed is ensuring you have a meaningful and impactful student experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a member of a community, what responsibilities we owe each other, and how we demonstrate care for ourselves and others. Students, faculty, staff and visitors must wear face coverings over their mouths and noses while on campus in all hallways, public spaces, classrooms and other common areas of campus buildings. Face coverings must also be properly worn when in offices or other workspaces or outdoor settings when 6-feet physical distancing cannot be maintained. The university takes this requirement seriously. Failure to comply may result in denial of access to areas or participating in programs or activities, and other disciplinary sanctions. As a responsible community member, you play an important part in mitigating disease. If you experience any COVID-like symptoms, call the Student Health Center at 256-824-6775.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our Week of Welcome events, which run through Aug. 22. Our Office of Student Life has been working hard to provide you with a safe environment in compliance with both CDC and University guidelines. Take advantage of these opportunities to connect with other students and learn more about resources, activities and services dedicated to your success.

Charge on!

Darren Dawson