High-Resolution, Hyper Spectral, Orthographic, Spherical Field-of-View Imaging Spectrometer (HYSOSIS)

UAH-P-11008-High-Resolution Hyper-Spectral Orthographic Spherical Field-of-View Imaging Spectrometer (HYSOSIS)

Docket: UAH-P-11008


Acquiring imaging information as quickly as possible has become key for battlefield engagement, natural disaster response, and scientific endeavors. However, current optical devices used in emergency situations have yet to deliver the image quality and the speed of retrieval required for respondents to react.

Researchers at UAH have designed and developed a new camera system that simultaneously collects information from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and processes the information in real time, while blocking out the unwanted light outside the area of interest.

Unlike conventional cameras, the system covers a wide field of view, with zoom-in capabilities at approximately 1000 times, without compromising image quality.


  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)—Department of Defense
  • GPS Coordinates and Data Analysis—tax collection and insurance companies
  • Precision agriculture
  • Oil exploration
  • Aerial archeology
  • Meteorology
  • Disaster relief


  • High image quality
  • High resolution
  • 1000x Zoom


  • State of Development: Prototype
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Patented