Frequently Asked Questions

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OLLI at UAH Policies and Program Information

Who attends OLLI courses?

OLLI is identified as a lifelong learning organization for adults 50 and over, whether working, retired, or semi-retired. However, there is no set age requirement and you are welcome to join at any age.

How many courses may I take?

You may take as many courses as you wish! Fall and Spring require a $20 tuition fee. Per course fees vary. The description for each course lists its fee.

Who teaches OLLI courses?

Course leaders are qualified members of OLLI, the University, and others who enjoy sharing their knowledge. OLLI is particularly proud of its volunteer teachers and speakers, many of whom are well-known experts in their fields.

What are Bonuses?

Generally free, bonuses are classes, lectures, or special activities for OLLI members! Visit OLLI Bonuses & Special Events for details on upcoming activities.

What is a "rolling" membership?

You can join or rejoin OLLI anytime. Your OLLI at UAH membership will be valid for 12 (or 24) months beginning the date your membership was first processed. For example, if you joined on January 1, 2020, your membership will not expire until January 1, 2021. At least 30 days before your membership is due to expire, you will receive an email reminder that it's time to renew. If your membership expires, your new OLLI at UAH membership will be valid for 12 (or 24) months beginning the date your renewal is processed. Should you renew your membership early, your membership will be extended for 12 (or 24) months from the current expiration date provided your renewal is processed before your current membership expires.

What is the difference between the membership and course fees?

The $25 membership fee provides all the membership benefits as listed. Fall and Spring require a $20 registration fee. Per course fees vary.

Does OLLI provide member financial assistance?

Yes, for assistance information call 256.824.6183.

Why couldn't I get the course I wanted?

The maximum number of students per course is decided by the instructor or by room capacity. Students are enrolled in the order registrations are received. If your course is full, you can be placed on a waiting-list and will be contacted if a seat becomes available. Notify the Noncredit Registration Office (256.824.6010) if you want to drop a course to allow wait-listed registrants to attend.

Can I get a refund if I decide to withdraw from my courses?

Due to the low cost at which these courses are provided and the additional cost it would take to process refunds, no refund is given for those who wish to withdraw from courses.

How do I access the Campus Wi-Fi?

Instructions for accessing campus WiFi will be provided on the first day of class. Call 256.824.6183 for assistance.

How do I join the library?

Current OLLI members may utilize selected services at the Salmon Library for no additional fee. Visit the User Services desk to obtain a user card and services explanation. More information:

What are the benefits of joining the UAH Fitness Center?

You will be able to join for a short-term (3 months), and will receive $10 off the monthly membership rate.

Visitor parking

For short visits, members may park in a visitor's parking spot in the G5 lot in front of Wilson Hall.

OLLI Commuter Tags

An OLLI Commuter Parking Permit is included with your membership. Don't forget to hang your OLLI Commuter Parking Permit on your vehicle's rear-view mirror. OLLI members can park in Commuter parking zones only.

What if I have a Disability placard/tag?

If you have a state DMV-issued Disability Access Parking hangtag or license plate, you must bring the hangtag or license plate number and registration to UAH Parking Services to have it validated. Also, bring your current UAH hangtag to exchange it. Once it is determined the Disability Access Parking hangtag or license plate was legally issued to the student or employee, a UAH Accessibility Parking hangtag will be exchanged for the student or employee’s zone parking hangtag.

New OLLI Commuter tags

For members that would like to obtain a NEW 2023-2024 Commuter Parking Permit, completion of an OLLI Permit Application will be required BEFORE a parking permit is issued. Application requires vehicle year, make, color, type & license plate number, and driver's license number & state of issue. You may complete and print the form at and bring it with you to obtain your permit.

Email us at OLLI. or phone us at 256.824.6183 with any questions.

Inclement Weather?

If Huntsville City Schools close, OLLI Classes will not meet. Check local media broadcasts for closing announcements.


Still have Questions?

Contact 256.824.6183 or