OLLI at UAH is a self-supporting non-profit organization. The program operates with a goal of raising approximately one-third of its funds from private sources, one-third from the annual interest of the Bernard Osher Endowment, and the remaining funds from membership fees and tuition.  Legacy Giving is an opportunity for you to help sustain OLLI at UAH in perpetuity.

Leaving Your Legacy With OLLI at UAH

There are many reasons why you might think of leaving a legacy gift to support OLLI at UAH. Most reflect on their own sense of value in the program and the desire to leave a sustaining legacy behind. Planned giving also provides an opportunity to leave a gift that otherwise might be impossible to give, especially for those on a fixed income.


  • Leave a legacy for lifelong learning;
  • Retain control of your assets during your lifetime;
  • Modify your bequest to address changing circumstances;
  • Direct your bequest to a particular purpose;
  • Reduce or avoid potential estate taxes through your bequest;
  • Become automatically enrolled in the UAH Richardson Shaver Thrasher (RST) Society.

Plan Your Legacy Gift

Ways to Give

Will or Living Trust

A charitable bequest requires just a few sentences in your Will or Living Trust and can be modified throughout your lifetime as circumstances change. To initiate your gift, share this recommended wording with your estate planning attorney:

“I give ($___) or (___ percent of my estate) to the University of Alabama in Huntsville Foundation, a non-profit corporation in Huntsville, AL, to benefit the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UAH”.

Retirement and Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Name OLLI at UAH (UAH Foundation) as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance plan assets by contacting your plan administrator for a change-of beneficiary form, and include the following new beneficiary designation:

f/b/o Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899
Federal Tax ID#: 63-6048099

Your Gift

Bequest In Will

Gift of Retirement Plan Assets

Gift of Life Insurance

Your Goal

Defer a gift until after your lifetime.

Eliminate the income and estate tax on IRAs or other retirement plans.

Make a large gift with little cost to yourself.

How You Make the Gift

Name OLLI at UAH (UAH Foundation) in your will or living trust. Designate a specific amount, percentage, or share of the residue.

Name OLLI at UAH (UAH Foundation) as the beneficiary of your retirement account after your lifetime.

Name OLLI at UAH (UAH Foundation) as the owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Your Benefits

Control of your assets during your lifetime. The donation is exempt from federal estate tax.

Make the gift from the most highly taxed assets, leaving better assets for family.

Current income tax deduction. Possible future deductions through gifts to pay future premiums.

Ready to Get Started

 Contact  256.824.GIVE (4483) or for more information.