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The law intersects the operation of a modern university in many ways.  Because of this fact, good decisions by university officials must be premised on an understanding of applicable legal requirements and duties.  As a way of offering guidance to the UAH community, the Office of Counsel has prepared and is making available a discussion of some important issues relating specifically to UAH.  These discussions, the titles of which are listed below, may be accessed by clicking on the title.

Topics Date
New Background Check Policy February 2014
OJI Notification Requirement February 2014
Releases of Liability December 2013
UAH Annual Security Report Issued  December 2013
New Campus Weapons Policy August 2013
University Required to Report Hiring of RSA Retirees August 2013
University Acquires School Property  August 2013
New Immigration Services Program  May 2013
Federal Agency Reviews University Affirmative Action Program  April 2013
UAH Interim Policy on Promoting Objectivity in Research January 2013
University Webpage Facilitates HEOA Disclosures  January 2013
Sexual Harassment and Violence on Campus - Recent Developments  November 2012
Competitive Bid Law Exceptions September 2012
State Financial Disclosure Requirement Broadened September 2012
Computer User Caveats  June 2012
Revisions to Alabama Ethics Act March 2011
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Report March 2011
Preparing Contracts for Professional Services January 2011
The Work Product Privilege January 2011
Attorney-Client Privilege "Basics" November 2010
University Issues Annual Security Report October 2010
Common "Delay" Factors in Contract Processing August 2010
Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Asperger's Syndrome Under the ADA June 2010
Board of Trustees Interest in Campus Contracts June 2010
Dealing with "Problem" Students April 2010
UAB Professor Loses Due Process Suit April 2010
Patent Case Highlights Board Patent Policy Changes November 2009
Working During Breaks October 2009
Permissible Questions on Health Risk Assessments October 2009
Education Department Guidance Regarding Census Takers October 2009
Board of Trustees Revises Patent Policy July 2009
NASA Conducts Gender Discrimination Review July 2009
Outside Consulting at UAH May 2009
Off Campus Bookstore Appeal Unsuccessful May 2009
UAH Completes Sanderson Subdivision Purchase January 2009
Turnitin's Student Papers Use Not a Copyright Violation April 2008
International Travel Insurance February 2008
Getting Assistance from the Office of Counsel February 2008
Use of Email December 2007
University Employees and Political Activities December 2007
Staff and Faculty Consulting Limitations October 2007
Pass-Through and Third-Party Contracts August 2007
The Office of Counsel Website May 2007
Knight v. Alabama -- Settlement Agreement December 2006
Sanderson Subdivision Update December 2006
EEOC and Race/Color Discrimination Developments November 2006
Alabama Public Universities Desegregation Case Settled October 2006
FERPA and Meetings with Parents of Students October 2006
Hearing Scheduled in Knight v. Alabama Desegregation Lawsuit June 2006
UAH Settles Intellectual Property Litigation June 2006
Non-Disclosure Agreements at UAH February 2006
Operation of the UAH Patent Policy February 2006
New On-The-Job Injury Policy Issued January 2006
Release of Personal Information January 2006
Knight v. Alabama - A "New" Phase November 2005
Public Employment in Alabama and the "Revolving Door" November 2005
Knight v. Alabama Update October 2005
Academic Administrators and Legal Problems July 2005
New Alabama Open Meetings Law June 2005
Can You Sign University Contracts? June 2005
Preservation of Email February 2005
Minor's Medical Treatment and Records - Legal Issues November 2004
"Fleshing Out" a Syllabus March 2004
Legal and Practical Implications of the Use of Email September 2003
"A Matter of Degree . . ." January 2003
UAH Reports Progress in Athlete Gender Equity November 2002
Guidelines for UAH Standard Form Contract for Professional Services September 2002
Rights in Theses and Dissertation: Facts and Fallacies July 2002
Highlights of Annual Black Student, Faculty, and Administrator Report July 2002
Authorization to Release Education Information May 2002
Legal Implications of Letters of Recommendation January 2002
Higher Education Prevails in Proration Case Appeal July 2001
Safeguarding Confidential Information July 2001
Cautions Regarding Telephone Taping May 2001
Rental Automobiles and Physical Damage Insurance February 2001
Knight v. Alabama Annual Report July 2000