SHC Fees

Office Visit


Nurse Visit (first aide/triage/injection fee)


Preventative Physical  $15
School/Work/Sports Physical (w/forms) $25
In-Office Rapid Tests
Strep Test $10
Influenza (flu) Test $18
Mono Test $10
Urinalysis $5
Urine Pregnancy Test $5
Glucose, finger stick $5
Influenza (flu shot) $15
Hepatitis B $65
Meningococcal ACWY $160
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) $95
TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) $55
PPD/TB skin test $15
2 step PPD $30


Suture Removal $5
I & D, Biopsy, etc. $10
Insert/Removal/Reinsertion Nexplanon $25


*Prices are subject to change.

**Please call 256.824.6775 to schedule appointments. The Student Health Center charges a $10 fee for no shows and late arrivals past 15 minutes. If you are arriving late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.