Morton Hall


1310 Ben Graves Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Morton Hall, the first major building constructed on campus (1960), houses classrooms, computer laboratories, and offices. Morton Hall originally opened in 1960 and was the first academic building on the UAH campus. After a $30 million dollar renovation in 2020, Morton Hall (110,000 square feet) features completely new classroom spaces and offices for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The original building has been completely remodeled to include technology-driven classrooms, collaborative seminar rooms, research lab space, and new faculty offices. The addition to the building adds 13 new classrooms, including a 124-seat lecture hall. Morton Hall is also home to the NEW Black Box Theatre. Students will have numerous common areas designed for studying and collaborative projects. The glass exteriors and expansive new windows provide amazing campus views. The new courtyard space between Morton Hall and Frank Franz Residence Hall creates a new green for students to walk freely, spend time outdoors, and host student organization events.

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