This website is designed to give you more insight into the systems that are apart of the severe weather group here at UAH. Currently we operate four main platforms; the MIPS, MAX, ARMOR, and the NOWCASTR. Each platform is covered in greater detail throughout this site, as well as access to real time data from the MIPS, ARMOR, and NOWCASTR.

Each platform we operate takes part in different research projects throughout the year including hurricane landfalls, winter weather research, severe thunderstorms, and boundary layer studies. Many of this studies are performed in our own backyard as part of the THOR project. In the Winter of '08-'09 and '09-'10 we will be deployed in the Upper Midwest for an NSF sponsored project named PlOWS. This field campaign will provide new insight concerning remote sensing of winter weather systems that can translate directly into better operational interpretation and observation strategies of winter weather mesoscale features.