The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is located primarily in the Engineering Building. Most optics-related engineering research facilities and faculty are located in the adjacent Optics Building. Technology Hall also provides some space for Computer Engineering instruction and research. The ECE classrooms and laboratories contain specialized computational, optical and electronic equipment that is used to support our emphasis on robust experiential hands-on learning. These laboratories also fully support a wide-range of research activities in the Electrical, Computer, and Optical engineering disciplines that are currently being undertaken by UAH faculty and students within the ECE Department.

Engineering Building

Engineering Building

  • Advanced Digital Hardware Design Lab
  • College of Engineering General PC Labs
  • Communication Systems Laboratory
  • Computer Engineering Senior Design Lab
  • Controls and Dynamic Systems Lab
  • Cyber Chargers Security Lab
  • ECE Systems Design Lab
  • Electrical Engineering Senior Design Lab
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Integrated Biometrics Lab
  • LaCASA - Computer Architecture Research Lab
  • MEMS Fabrication Lab
  • MHealth - Mobile Health and Wellness Monitoring Lab
  • Multi Media Development Lab
  • Multi Media/Digital Signal Processing Classroom
  • Multicore Reconfigurable and GPU-Enabled Parallel Computing Lab
  • RF Circuits and Devices Lab
  • Software Safety Engineering and Security Lab
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Security Lab
  • Linux Labs I and II
Optics Building

Optics Building

  • Photonics Lab
  • Optoelectronics
  • Optical Hybrid Computing
  • Nano-Microfabrication Laboratory
  • Laser Science and Engineering Lab
  • Laser Science and Engineering Computer Lab
  • Laser Science and Engineering Experimental Lab
  • Transistor and MEMS Undergrad Microfabrication Lab
Tech Hall

Technology Hall

  • Ubiquitous Computing Lab