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Welcome to ODEI Faculty & Staff Development. We want to make sure the members of the UAH community are well trained, well versed, and equipped with the knowledge to interact and empathize with the diverse population that is the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Inclusive and equitable campus culture starts with you! Check out our Lunch hour discussions and virtual coffee hours! Feel free to let us know what opportunities you would like to be a part of in bettering our campus.

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#YourVoiceMatters Virtual Coffee Hour

#YourVoiceMatters is a coffee hour event for members of the University of Alabama in Huntsville community to offer personal opinions and feelings. It is structured around topics and ideas that affect the everyday lives of diverse people.

The first step to creating a better tomorrow is having real conversations in a safe environment where you can share your thoughts, perspectives and feelings on what is happening in our country. So grab a cup of coffee and join us for a virtual conversation. Submit the topics you would like to discuss by clicking the button below.

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ODEI virtual coffee hour