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Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a sophomore here at UAH from Madison, AL. I am a Biological Sciences major with a double minor in Chemistry and Psychology on the Pre-Med track. Some things that I am involved in here at UAH are the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Ambassador, Greek Life, where I am the Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for my sorority chapter, and the medical careers club. I have a passion for connecting with people and giving back to people and my community wherever and whenever I can. I am excited to share my journey as a UAH student with you!


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The first week of school can be exciting, nerving, and exhilarating. This year was my first time having on-campus classes and attending in-person Week of Welcome (WOW) events, so it is safe to say that I experienced all three of those feelings in the span of those short few days. On the first day, I started off my day by grabbing coffee with some sorority sisters and attending some WOW events before I had my first lecture of the semester. My class had over a hundred students, which was super exciting to me. We talked about the impacts of COVID-19 on genetics which was extremely fascinating… can you tell that I am pre-med? After class, I went to the Charger Cafe and got lunch, then went to my sorority house to practice for formal recruitment.

Most of the fun of this week was done on day two of classes because I was on campus all day working in the admissions office, attending lectures, and running around to different WOW events. It made my heart happy to see a lot of the students I had met at New Student Orientation around campus walking to their classes and checking out the WOW events too.

For incoming freshmen (and also upperclassmen!), recruitment week can be such an exciting time. Leaving home and coming to college can be scary and stressful at times, so a lot of people find their comfort in joining Greek life. Recruitment week all the way to bid day, can include a lot of nerves joining an already established sisterhood, but I and the rest of my chapter, worked so hard to make all the potential new members feel like they were one of us. From the beginning of philanthropy night all the way to the end of bid day, there was a lot of singing, dancing, and chanting in order to welcome our new pledge class home. 

What often gets overlooked after bid day is the new member retreat. The point of the new member retreat is to integrate the new member class into the chapter. Our chapter had a lot of sisterhood bonding activities over the course of the weekend, which ended at the Botanical Gardens to relax after such an exciting time. From viewing the butterfly house and swinging on the swings, to making friendship bracelets, I had such a great time getting to know our amazing new members and growing closer to my sisters. As always DZLAM and Charge On!!

When you think of midterms, you probably think of stress, anxiety, and long hours. Although they still may bring these things, I’ve also discovered ways to find joy in them. I think at UAH, midterms can act as a catalyst for the amazing community we have built off of the relationships of the student body. It is a time where we all band together and bond over the work we have ahead of us. It also shows us just how much we all care about each other. Everyone truly wants to see each other succeed. I don’t go a day without seeing many of my friends either in the Charger Union or in Morton Hall. I’ve turned midterms into a way in which I can have an excuse to see my friends every day, while also having accountability partners to focus on my work instead of slacking off. 

I didn't spend all of my time studying! I obviously had to attend the grand opening of Trader Joe’s to see what all the hype was about, and I wasn’t disappointed. Trader Joe's is a part of Huntsville's new Mid City District. This expansion actually hits close to home for me. I am a Huntsville native, so the destruction of Madison Square Mall to build this district scared me. I grew up going there and had no idea what they were gonna do with that space. They have built so many cool things there, and it is so close to the UAH campus. From Top Golf to Dave & Busters to Trader Joe’s, there is always something to do on a day out with friends that's super accessible and fun!

Homecoming week is a super exciting time, as it normally falls in line with family weekend, and has a lot of fun activities planned with it. A common theme this year was me experiencing a lot of traditional UAH events for the first time since entering college. This resulted in 10x the excitement from me and my friends. 

The Homecoming events ranged from the UAH women’s volleyball game all the way to Charger Stomp, a show highlighting the talent and art of stepping with the student organizations showcasing their style and choreography.  

My favorite part of homecoming was watching student organizations work together to enter the pomping board competition (where students roll tissue paper into little balls and attach them to wooden structures). I also enjoyed cheering on the Charger Stomp competitors, seeing the newly crowned UAH royalty, and driving around campus to check out all of the pomping boards done by different student organizations and offices. I had such a blast showing my charger pride with my friends at all the events I attended!

December, everyone’s favorite time of the school year…finals. We all worked so hard to make it to this point, and this was the last step of the process before we got to enjoy a much needed break!  

Every time I started to feel overwhelmed by finals, I sat down and made a to-do list to set myself some achievable goals. This helped to minimize my stress as much as possible during this extremely busy and important time.  

As aforementioned in previous vlogs, the transition from online college into in person college was no easy task. Luckily, I started to get the hang of it by the time finals rolled around. I can say I was successfully able to tackle all of my final projects, papers, and exams!  

When I wasn’t taking my own finals or working on projects, I enjoyed walking around campus to hear from friends on how their finals went. I also took some much needed coffee breaks and therapeutic car rides (to check out my billboard photo). This finals season was one to remember!

After a long winter break, coming back to campus and seeing all the familiar faces was such a nice breath of fresh air. While classes are getting back into the swing of things, I went to a UAH basketball game and enjoyed some time with my friends there. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) hosted a tailgate before the game that was open to all students!! While there, we played corn hole and ate burgers. 

On top of getting into the swing of things socially, I am so stoked for my classes this semester. I’m taking cell biology, organic chemistry, world history, introduction to ethics and social psychology! I love taking classes that relate to my interests because it makes learning interesting for me. If you see me on campus don’t hesitate to stop me so I can tell you about all the cool things relating to the study of life and the way we live. On top of those classes, I’m also attending orientation training as we prepare for SROW. Stay tuned for a special SROW vlog ;)!

Campus involvement is such a great way to take advantage of the numerous opportunities and programs UAH has to offer. Personally, I am the president of the Greek honor society, Order of Omega, on campus. I have absolutely loved this opportunity, as it has connected me with people within all the different fraternity and sorority chapters on campus. 

I have also been taking advantage of the peer-assisted study sessions designed for my organic chemistry class as I prepared for my first exam in that class.(Shoutout to my pass leader in the Student Success Center, Tamia, for the B I scored on that exam!)  Being an Orientation Leader (OL) has been one of the best experiences I have had during my time at UAH so far! When I applied to be an OL, the previous teams always told me about how fun and impactful the Southern Region Orientation Workshop (SROW) was. I always thought that it was an over-exaggeration, but boy was I wrong.  During SROW, orientation teams from all over the southeast came together for a conference where we all learned how to become the best version of ourselves for our respective universities' orientation team. This year, I was fortunate enough to get selected to administer a breakout session talking about the importance of mental health while delivering an orientation session. UAH was able to participate in the dance competition in which we placed 3rd amongst over at least 40 different institutions.  Overall, SROW made such a huge impact on my orientation experience, and I can not wait to apply what I learned to the UAH freshman class of 2026 this summer. Go chargers!