NASA Intern

Undergraduate Research (UR) Horizons @ UAH is an information clearinghouse for undergraduate research opportunities. We promote and facilitate collaborative research and scholarship, and also creative activities and experiential learning by undergraduate students across all disciplines.

In addition to information on opportunities, you can find tools necessary to learn more about undergraduate research, hints on how to find and participate in fulfilling research projects, and resources to assist you in communicating your findings.

The primary goal of UR Horizons is to increase undergraduate research activity at UAH, whether in a lab, in an archive, in the field, on a stage, in a studio, domestic or abroad, or in our independent research centers or with local stakeholders. By getting involved, you will get hands-on learning that involves working closely with faculty, researchers or graduate students.

Research, creative projects, internships, and service learning are some of the opportunities that will help prepare you for the complex society in which we live and work. Research will give you skills in problem-solving, analysis, and communication—it creates an exciting learning environment that can help you find your passion and a career path.