UAH's Atmospheric and Earth Science Department provides students seeking undergraduate bachelor’s and advanced master's degrees a wide variety of research options, spanning atmosphere science/meteorology and Earth sciences. Students graduating with an ESS bachelor’s degrees will possess knowledge and analytical skills in topics related to GIS/remote sensing, atmospheric science/meteorology, or human dimension societal impacts (HDSI), and will be well-prepared to continue into a MS degree, or enter the general labor force. Students interested in seeking a master’s degree in ESS can specialize in similar topic areas, namely GIS/remote sensing, land surface processes, geospatial analysis, and land-atmosphere interactions. To earn a master’s degree in ESS, each student must satisfy all requirements of the School of Graduate School and of the Atmospheric and Earth Science Department. Students must formulate an appropriate Program of Study (POS), in consultation with a faculty advisor and chair. The POS must be completed before the end of the second semester after the student starts the program.

The Earth Systems Science degree programs are administered by the Department of Atmospheric Science.



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