The UAH Department of Chemistry provides quality undergraduate education in all aspects of chemistry. Our goal is to educate our students in the basics of chemistry, and to provide them with life-long learning skills allowing them to adapt to an ever-changing environment. In addition to traditional coursework, students are encouraged to work in research laboratories alongside graduate students to learn how to do research.

Academic Programs

The academic program in chemistry at The University of Alabama in Huntsville has received the approval of the American Chemical Society in recognition of its strong faculty and excellent facilities for high quality undergraduate instruction. The Chemistry Department offers courses leading to the B.S. degree with a major in chemistry and supports undergraduate programs in other disciplines.

Eight chemistry major curricula are offered that provide preparation for:

(1) graduate school in biochemistry or molecular biology, medical school, dental school, veterinary school or pharmacy school;

(2) graduate study in chemistry and/or employment as an industrial chemist;

(3) general education in chemistry suitable for pre-professional students or employment as a biochemist, clinical chemist or forensic scientist;

(4) the Alabama Class B High School Teacher's Certificate for a career in chemical education;

(5) basic chemistry, suitable as a second major;

(6) graduate study combining chemistry and physics;

(7) graduate work or employment in materials chemistry, and

(8) chemical business.

Major in Chemistry

1. The minimum total semester hours required for the B.S. degree is 128. Of these, at least 39 semester hours must be in courses numbered 300 or higher. In addition, the major in chemistry requires the completion of the B.S. General Education Requirements (GER). The chemistry major requires

MA 171 and MA172;
PH 111, 112, 114, and 115;
CS 100 and 102, or higher;

and one science or engineering course outside of major. These courses may be used to satisfy the GER requirements.

2. Completion of a minor consisting of at least 21 hours of course work in any subject other than chemistry. The course requirements for minors can be found in the UAH undergraduate catalog descriptions for other departments. An educationally compatible combination of courses from more than one department can be substituted for the minor.

3. Completion of sufficient electives to meet the overall minimum hour requirements for the degree.

4. Completion of one of the eight chemistry curricula, or another developed in consultation with a Chemistry Department advisor.

Specialization Curricula

The Committee on Professional Training (CPT) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) specifies curricula containing prescribed course sequences that meet the American Chemical Society requirements for professional education at the B.S. level. The chemistry department offers five ACS approved curricula: Biochemistry (Curriculum I) Pure Chemistry (Curriculum II), Forensics (Curriculum III), Chemical Education (Curriculum IV), and Materials Science (Curriculum V) Details may be found here. The College of Science will recognize completion of these ACS approved curricula by awarding the student a certificate of specialization in that area.