The UAH Department of Biological Sciences aspires to provide one of the best programs in the southeastern U.S. for both undergraduate and graduate students in terms of both quality and efficacy.

Our goal is to provide forward-looking, comprehensive curricula that meet the highest national standards. We expect our graduates to contribute to solving the many challenges of the future as a result of their educational and research experiences.

For our undergraduate majors this must include instruction and laboratory experience in each of the principal areas within biological sciences, and supporting course work in mathematics, chemistry, communications, and bioethics. In addition, we want to provide our undergraduate majors with research experience necessary to build careers in business and in graduate and professional schools.

At the graduate level, our objective is to educate and train students in the critical, problem solving and independent thinking skills required in scientific research. Through our master's programs, our interdisciplinary Biotechnology Science and Engineering Ph.D. program, and our postdoctoral positions, we aspire to provide thorough training and mentoring to cultivate future scientists who are able to address national and world needs.