American Autoclave

RFAL has the capability of processing a variety of thermosetting composites for material testing with the use of the Autoclave. An autoclave applies a controlled schedule of pressure and heat to fit the manufacturing requirements for a variety of composite materials.

The internal chamber uses inert nitrogen gas feed by a liquid-gas converting nitrogen Dewar. Convective water cooled heat exchanger coil, inside the autoclave vessel, allows the chamber to trim the temperature during thermal ramps and dwells.

The Lab has the capability to adapt tooling and cure profiles for varying geometries/thicknesses.


- E-glass/epoxy 250F (max temp) 90Psi (modified cure for thick lay-ups)

- IM7/epoxy 350F (max temp) 90psi

To view the specifications, click the image to the right or get the pdf below.

Specifications for the Autoclave