uah shelby center in fall colors

What color phase is the campus in today?

The UAH plan utilizes a phased approach in accordance parameters set by the UA System and the UAH Reopening Task Force.  For a full description of each phase and its conditions and restrictions, visit the Phased Opening page.





Is my building open?

Check the tables below to see each building's current safety rating and accessibility.  Please note that even if your building is listed under Green status, social distancing and mask wearing in common areas is still required.


RED: Access Severely Limited

  • No Buildings

ORANGE: Limited Business Operations

Keycard access only.  Access limited to short periods of time for essential activities only and requires approval from the Dean or Vice President.

  • No Buildings

YELLOW: Modified Business Operations

Keycard access only.

  • Alabama Credit Union
  • Bevill Conference Center
  • Business Administration Building
  • Business Services Center
  • Central Campus Residence Hall
  • Central Receiving and Shipping
  • Charger Cafe
  • Charger Park
  • Charger Union
  • Charger Village
  • Charger Village Food Court
  • Conference Training Center
  • Early Learning Center
  • Frank Franz Hall
  • Greek Housing
  • Intermodal Parking Facility
  • Invention to Innovation Center (I2C)
  • Johnson Research Center
  • Louis Salmon Library
  • Materials Science Building
  • Morton Hall
  • North Campus Residence Hall
  • Nursing Building
  • Oak Ridge-Huntsville Partnership Building
  • Olin B. King Technology Hall
  • Optics Building
  • Physical Plant Building
  • Propulsion Research Lab
  • Robert "Bud" Cramer Research Hall
  • Roberts Hall
  • Severe Weather Institute and Radar & Lightning Lab (SWIRLL)
  • Shelbie King Hall
  • Shelby Center for Science and Technology
  • Southeast Campus Housing
  • Spragins Hall
  • Student Services Building
  • Union Grove Gallery
  • University Fitness Center
  • University Park
  • VBH Annex
  • Wernher von Braun Research Hall
  • Wilson Hall
  • WLRH Radio Station

GREEN: Modified Normal Operations

Normal access during regular hours.

  • No Buildings