CAPP Adjustments

In order to adjust a student's degree evaluation, please fill out and submit a CAPP Adjustments Form


  1. All CAPP adjustments should originate with the advisor.
  2. Required: Student's name, A#, major, and concentration, if applicable.
  3. Required: Department-level approval required for all adjustments.
  4. Other signatures may be required: College-level rules require approval from Dean's Office; University level rules require approval from the Provost's Office.
  5. Submit form: The CAPP Adjustments Form should be emailed by the individual who has final approval (Department Chair, Dean's Office, or Provost's Office). All approvals must be sent from your UAH email account to If your request is received from an outside email account or to a different email address, it will not be processed.
  6. If mailing: The CAPP Adjustments Form must be signed and mailed attention to CAPP, SSB 120.

Transfer Equivalency

In order to update a student's transfer coursework in academic history, please fill out and submit a Transfer Equivalency Form. All forms must be approved by the Department Chair for which the course is offered at UAH (eg. math equivalencies must be approved by Math Department Chair).


  1. One-to-One equivalency with UAH course (SPH 106 (AL two year school) = CM 113 (UAH))
  2. Transfer Course Number
  3. Transfer Course Name
  4. Transfer Institution Name
  5. Equivalent Course Number and Name at UAH (CM 113 Intro to Rhetorical Communication)
  6. Department Chair's approval
  7. Submission instructions on the form.