A message from the president of UAH.

Dear UAH Community,

I want to thank everyone once again for your diligent and successful efforts in actively following the UAH health and safety expectations. Well done!

As you head home for the holidays, please remember that we need to be more vigilant than ever in our efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19. This is the time we will be at our most vulnerable as we gather with family to celebrate the season. We want you to carry the same attention to detail you have displayed on campus in following health and safety guidelines when you return home for the upcoming break.

This will be our longest break over the remainder of the school year, so your mindfulness will be needed now more than ever. I cannot express enough how important it is that we all return to campus in January as safely as possible. A spike after the holidays could be a devastating setback to our spring semester goals and jeopardize all we have worked so hard to achieve in combatting the virus.

It is thus vitally important that we continue to follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid crowds, especially where 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Wear a face covering indoors and outside where appropriate - Minimize your in-person interactions
  • Avoid areas where you may have an increased risk of exposure, such as where community spread is increasing; alter your travel plans to avoid those areas

Remember that what you do has far-reaching consequences for others. While it is not easy to continue to make these temporary sacrifices, we must do so while this public health crisis persists.

As always, it is our goal to ensure your safety and health while also continuing to provide you the on-campus resources and highest-quality educational experience that you have come to expect here at UAH. With your help, we can do exactly that.

So, enjoy this precious time with loved ones responsibly by being safe and aware. Never forget, we are all depending on you. Thank you for making safety a priority and being a role model for our campus and community.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Darren Dawson