Research Engineer

Phone: 256.824.2888
Email: david.lineberry@uah.edu 

Dr. Lineberry is currently a Research Engineer at the UAH Propulsion Research Center. He directs daily operations at the Johnson Research Center.  He has led externally funded research in liquid rocket engine injector testing.  His master’s thesis work involved uncertainty analysis of a full scale liquid rocket engine hot fire test.  For his doctoral work, he conducted an experimental cold flow investigation of a non-axisymmetric supersonic ejector. He designed and oversaw construction of the PRC high pressure spray test facility for evaluating injector performance.  Before joining the PRC, he worked as a design engineer for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. While at Boeing, he served as a project manager and design engineer for commercial aircraft components. He has experience with cold flow experimentation, optical diagnostics, Particle Image Velocimetry, Phase Doppler Particle Analysis, experimental uncertainty analysis, and hot fire experimentation of gaseous, gel, and liquid rocket engines.