Personal Statement

A personal statement allows readers to understand one's personal reasons for entering professional school. A well-crafted personal statement can make a statement and mean the difference.

Writing a good personal statement is not easy. In fact, getting started for some can take months.

Where to Start?

  • Keep a journal during shadowing, volunteering, and other experiences to refer back to during your writing process.

If you didn't keep a journal, have no fear!

  • Start with a blank piece of a paper and fill it with memories, people, or hobbies which impacted or influenced this career choice.
  • Circle the most impactful and be sure to include them in the personal statement.

Questions to Ask Yourself?

  • Who or what moment (pivotal/life changing moment) has been most influential in your life? Why?
  • Do you feel passion for this career? What is the source?
  • What lessons have you gained from previous experiences?
  • In what way were your strengths illustrated by your experiences?
  • How has your motivation been strengthened?
  • What do you see as the unifying themes in your experiences?
  • How do you relate these stories to your career choice?
  • What have you learned about what it's like to be your career choice?
  • What was the most important lesson you learned?

Tips for Writing Your Statement

  • Be Personal!
  • Explain important life lessons learned.
  • Be honest and forthright.
  • Show, don’t tell: Give readers a sense of who you are with examples, scenarios, and ideas.
  • Proofread. Share it with others.
    • We can read and edit your statement. Set up an appointment today!
  • Don’t use quotes or gimmicks.
  • Don’t make excuses for challenges in your life.
  • Don’t make this an autobiography/timeline.
  • Don't use "impressive" vocabulary.