Principal Investigator

College/Center or Department

Proposal Title

Amiri, Azita


The Effect of an Educational Intervention for Second Hand Smoke on Pregnancy Outcomes

Foy, Anna


Cotton Mather, the Revolution Controversy, and the Seventeenth-Century English Epic

Gandila, Andrei


Money in a Pre-Modern Economy: Coin Circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 500-650 A.D.

Hsu, Liwu


Dynamic Examination of Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, and Transaction Performance

Knight, Kyle


Pathways to Sustainability: A Cross-National Analysis of the Carbon Intensity of Human Well-Being

Lee, Eunseok

Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

First Principles Study on the Multilayer Solid Electrolyte Materials

Mukherjee, Ansuree


Bio-Inspired Nickel Complexes to Protect Cell-Damages under Oxidative Stress

Nelson, George

Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

In Situ Neutron Imaging of Enzymatic Electrochemical Cells

Peng, Chao

Computer Science

A Multi-GPU Approach for Massive CAD Model Visualization

Steidl, Christina


Gender and the Negotiation of Career: Women's Experiences in the U.S. Military

Taylor, Christopher

Visual/Performance Arts

Spectatorship in the Southeastern United States: Creative Research; Sculpture as Spectator

Verlaan, Wolfram


Comparing Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension of Narrative and Expository Text in Middle-grade Students

Wu, Tingting Civil/Environmental Engineering Synergistic Integration of Advanced Oxidation and Reverse Osmosis for Wastewater Reuse with Zero Liquid Discharge
Zhou, Hongyu Civil/Environmental Engineering Sustainable Bamboo Fiber Composites for Civil Infrastructural Applications