BEAM (Beam Electronic Analysis and Measurement) Machine

UAH-P-13011-BEAM (Beam Electronic Analysis and Measurement) Machine

Docket: UAH-P-13011


The measurement and analysis of loads on a structural beam is critical to understanding the beam's deflection and how the supports of the beam react. This helps us to understand certain engineering theories as well as the deflection characteristics for beams of different materials. Experimental setups are in place to evaluate such properties; however, there are opportunities to improve data collection and accuracy.

Researchers at UAH have developed an instrument and procedure for performing beam deflection experiments. The new apparatus uses a computerized data acquisition system, along with an encoder and potentiometer, to take continuous measurements over the course of the experiment. This setup replaces the ruler-depth gauge combination for collecting the same distance and deflection readings.

These improvements increase both the accuracy and precision of such experiments while diversifying the usefulness of the beam deflection apparatus.


  • Check linearity and straightness of materials
  • Structural analysis of industrial systems
  • Identification of surface defects and/or imperfections
  • Enhanced laboratory experiments for researchers and students
  • Portable, non-laboratory setup with built-in display


  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Improved instrumentation
  • Better data collection system
  • Increased usefulness of beam deflection apparatus
  • Interchangeable constraint system


  • State of Development: Prototype
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Proprietary