Software Metrics Tool

Software Metrics Tool

Docket: UAH-P-11013


Source code based software metrics are “counts” of source code items. Traditional software metric tools store only a portion of a source code’s abstract syntax tree in a database to process at a time. These tools have been limited in the metrics they have collected; they have been hard-coded into the tool and have thus not easily been changed.

Researchers at UAH have developed a Software Metrics Tool that allows a user to “count” anything about the source code that is desired, creating a script that can implement any desired software metric. Using an autocompletion feature, the tool suggests items already stored in the database, allowing the user to count any possible portion of the software under analysis.

Storing a code’s entire syntax tree in a database for element counting makes this new technology more robust than existing metric tools. Its autocompletion feature would allow users to access actual grammar statements through the scripting language.


  • Software development
  • Academia


  • Autocompletion feature for ease/speed of use
  • Complete abstract syntax tree is stored for processing


  • State of Development: Prototype
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Patent Pending