Bot Early Warning System

UAH-P-13022-BOT Early Warning System

Docket: UAH-P-13022



Bots are a major headache for any website. The larger websites have the resources to hire full-time administrators to monitor against bots, but small websites do not. Potential harm from these bots includes hacking a poorly protected server and collecting emails for mass mailings. Conventional methods of protection against bots are labor-intensive and ineffective, mostly because it is impossible to tell the difference between a human and a bot passing as human. Even a well-behaved bot can slow down a home-hosted website if enough visibility is attained.


Researchers at UAH have developed a bot early warning system. This early warning system is an a priori method of detecting bots, which automates the ban process so that other websites can preemptively ban any bots they do not want. It can be used by any website. The central part of the system is a series of websites whose sole purpose is to attract as many bots as possible and then send a message to all the clients on the network.


Over time this early-warning-system approach could be a cornerstone in an internet-wide intelligence system that works for everyone and proactively reduces the ability of bad elements to do damage.


  • Prevent hijack of websites
  • Internet-wide intelligence
  • Media privacy
  • Control over the internet


  • User friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Allows a priori detection of unwanted bot attacks


  • State of Development: Proof of concept
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Proprietary