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March 4, 2015. 11:30am - 12:30pm. Online (and in person, see below)

As a governmental data resource, statistical information is an important and valued source of information.  The United States Federal Government is the biggest supplier of statistical information in the country.  Federal Government agencies produce statistics in the course of research, program management, making projections and through administration functions.  These are used by government agencies and the general public.  This presentation will cover the background of government statistics, accessing the most valuable resources for this information, and the importance of these resources and skills.  This will be an overview of the best openly available information sources.

The free webinar version of this talk is open to all! Just use the following link: Register for the free webinar version of Seth's talk. However, there is a version of this talk that will be in person, in Salmon Library room 111, that will cost $12 and have food provided. You can see the Alumni Association's page for the event if you wish to sign up for the in-person version.

Anyone with questions can feel free to contact Seth Porter at seth.porter@uah.edu



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