The University of Alabama recently announced the Mentor.Live Program (M.L.), as part of the new Invention to Innovation Center, or I²C, which is located on UAH’s main campus. The M.L. program aims at connecting experienced entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts and business professionals with promising mentees located in or associated with the I²C, and provides a relationship-driven framework that secures the mentee’s development while giving mentors and mentees the freedom to carry out the mentorship the way they prefer.

The M.L. Program includes a variety of mentoring engagements, to include monthly, flash, group, and virtual opportunities, all aimed at providing a flexible yet robust way for Mentees to engage with Mentors and gain impactful knowledge for their business initiatives. Mentors and Mentees are matched based upon business needs, knowledge requirements, areas of expertise and more.

“M.L. provides an environment to fuel growth, gain perspective, collaborate with subject-matter experts that can help our Mentees think outside the box, and allow for an entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive, right here at UAH,” said Rigved Joshi, Director, I²C. “We’ve launched this program with a handful of masterminds that have already begun mentoring these entrepreneurs; both the short and long-term impacts of these efforts will be very exciting to watch. Our mentors serve an essential and vital role in the I2C ecosystem. We want to make sure we empower them with the right resources and tools for an all-round rewarding experience. M.L. is a relationship-driven framework that secures the Mentee’s development while giving Mentors and Mentees the freedom to carry out the mentorship the way they prefer Our goal is to deliver a transformational mentorship experience to our entrepreneurs and start-ups and our platform empowers us to do just that,” he said.

The M.L. Program is open to the I²C community. For more information or to apply online, visit

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