However you like to get active, make it count.

UAH Charger Fit partnership with MoveSpring delivers an all-new fitness challenge platform designed to motivate us toward our health goals and have fun along the way.

Lace up your sneakers and stretch those hammies. It's time for another step challenge on the MoveSpring app.

Step Into a September Reset - September 7-13,2020

Description: For this challenge, you chose your daily step goal of either 5,000 (low steppers), 7,000 (medium steppers) or 10,000 (high steppers) steps per day and try to "stick to it" for the duration of the challenge. 

Prize: Each time you meet your daily step goal your name will be entered into a drawing for one of three $25.00 gift cards. You will also earn 30 points toward your wellness incentive for participating.

College Face-Off - October 5-18,2020

Description: For this challenge, you will get to create your own teams. Pick your favorite College Football Team and start stepping. 

Prize: TBD

Instructions For Joining The Challenge:

New Users

  1. Click here. You will be navigated to MoveSpring online (web) or to download the MoveSpring app (mobile)
  2. Enter the org code: UAS (not case sensitive), then confirm The University of Alabama System as the organization
  3. Enter your A# for “Employee ID”
  4. Follow the steps to create your MoveSpring account and connect a device. (when selecting your department make sure you choose one of the UAH departments)
  5. Sync your fitness tracker daily with MoveSpring or manually log your activity.

Already Have a MoveSpring Account?

Just open the MoveSpring app on your mobile device or head to the website You have already been added to the step challenge

Here's how MoveSpring works:

  1. Download the MoveSpring app or go to to sign up
  2. Enter our organization code: UAS
  3. Enter your A# for "Employee ID"
  4. Create your account - it only takes a minute.

Don’t have a fitness device or smartphone?

Don’t sweat it! You can enter your activity into MoveSpring manually or use any of the fit trackers below: 

fitness trackers

Have Questions?

Download the MoveSpring FAQ

What Information will be shared if I sync my wearable device to the UA System MoveSpring Program?

When you consent to the program only your exercise activity will be shared. All personal information (height, weight, GPS location) will not be shared with UA System from MoveSpring. That information is confidential within your MoveSpring consent.

  • Some of the dashboard features and individual group leaderboards are designed to let participants connect with coworkers and compare data with each other. This data includes a participant’s name, steps, active minutes, distance, as well as a link to the participant’s profile if not kept private.
  • What administrators of the site can see:
    • Aggregate data: De-identified summary of program information.
    • Individual data: Includes participants, photo, name, sync date, steps, distance, floors, and active minutes. MoveSpring does not provide access to GPS location, or sensitive health information such as sleep or weight.

UA Employees can still receive preferred pricing on all Fitbit devices. 


  1. Visit the storefront at
  2. Enter your discount code, which is Campus-wide ID number.
  3. Purchase the device of your choice.

Details on how to purchase your devices.