Process and Procedures


Employees who voluntarily terminate their service with the University by resigning should notify their supervisors in writing as far in advance as possible. A copy of the resignation letter should be sent to Human Resources, Shelbie King Hall 102. The customary period of notice is a minimum of two weeks for non-exempt staff personnel and a minimum of one month for exempt staff personnel. 

Important Information Regarding your Benefits

During your exit interview, a Benefits Representative will summarize important information regarding benefits such as insurance continuation through COBRA , mandatory and voluntary retirement plans and paid leave.   

Separation Procedures and Exit Interviews

Employees terminating employment with the University are required to check out with various offices on the date of termination. An "Employee Separation Checklist" form is utilized during the check out procedure. This is a formalized procedure which provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss pertinent matters with appropriate University representatives.

Download the Separation Checklist and Instructions below to begin your offboarding process.

Employee Separation Checklist and Instructions 

Retiree Email Request Form