MAE 395-01 ST: Honors Thermodynamics Colloquium  (1 hour):

This one hour credit course entitles you to 4 hours of Honors credit for MAE 341 or MAE 342 (Thermodynamics I and II). If you are taking MAE 341 or MAE 342, you will receive Honors credit for one of those courses upon successful completion of the Honors Thermodynamics Colloquium.

Students in this course will be expected to comprehend through assigned readings and discussions an understanding of the context behind the developments of the fundamental concepts and principles of thermodynamics. We will explore the historical progress of ideas from heat being understood to be caloric fluid to the current understanding.  Students will also explore how the laws of thermodynamics impact sustainability and the environment.  Course grades will be assessed through in class participation, multiple writing assignments and a final presentation.