Faculty and Staff

We appreciate the unique position that faculty and staff are in as they interact with students.

While at UAH, students will be faced with a great many personal, academic, and social stressors. At times, many students may experience these challenges as overwhelming and unmanageable. This distress can negatively impact a student's academic performance and lead to disruptive behaviors in and out of the classroom.  As a faculty or staff member, you may be one of the first to recognize when a student is in distress. Expressing your interest or concern in a student's well-being can be critical in helping him/her get needed assistance.

We are available to consult with faculty and staff, campus groups and organizations, administrative offices, or others who may be concerned about issues affecting the personal and academic well-being of students. We can assist with student crises, help to assess a difficult situation, facilitate interventions, identify resources, and make referrals where appropriate.

We are happy to meet with faculty and staff for consultations regarding any personal issues that may arise and will provide guidance and referrals as appropriate. We encourage everyone to use our services as needed.

How to Help a Student in Distress
How to Make a Referral

Family and Friends

Parents, caregivers, and friends of UAH students are sometimes interested in the services we offer at the Counseling Center. Because people often go to their parents/caregivers when they are having difficulty, you may be the first to know of a problem situation. When this happens, please remember that we are here to help students; encourage your son/daughter to call and make an appointment to talk with a counselor. In addition, we hope we have provided information on this web site that will give you insight into situations your student may encounter and useful tips on how to talk to him/her.

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How You Can Help Your Student