At UAH, a variety of units and offices work together to provide support, security, and safety services for the ongoing business and success of the university and its students, faculty, and staff.

Facilities and Operations Administration (FOA) provides overall administrative and management services in the following areas:  contract administration, financial management, human resources management, public safety, and other facilities and operational related functions.  FOA is also responsible for assuring meaningful and consistent communication between the UAH contractors and the planning, design, and construction entities within Facilities and Operations at UAH.  FOA assists the Facilities and Operations units in the development and achievement of strategic goals and objectives of the department and the university.

FOA is responsible for the following:

  • Contractual language issues, contract routing, language interpretation
  • Resolution of issues related to Alabama Public Bid Law
  • Departmental Human Resource-related issues
    • Medical leaves of absence
    • New hire, rehire, employment status change, personnel information changes, and terminations
    • Payroll support
    • Facilities and Operations job vacancy and recruiting services
  • Development, implementation, and enforcement of UAH Facilities and Operations rules, policies, and procedures
  • Financial management for Facilities and Operations
    • Financial analysis
    • Operating Budgets
    • Payment management
    • Project close outs
    • Reconciliation
    • Construction change authorizations
    • Data entry
    • Journal entries