Surviving a GSA Contract Assessment

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During a five-year term as a GSA Schedule holder – GSA will contact the contractor for an assessment with the frequency depending on several factors – to include sales revenues, report submittals, and IFF remittances. An Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) will reach out to the contractor and arrange for the logistics of the visit. Formerly known as a Contractor Assist Visit (CAV), a Contractor Assessment can be scheduled from annually to twice during the term, typically, midway through the five-year contract period and prior to an option of extension. The IOA will request the Contractor pull certain files and the visit itself may be an actual or a virtual visit.

This presentation prepares you on what to expect in a Contractor Assessment and covers the
following topics:

• Contract documents required
• Meeting your Sales requirements
• Sales tracking system
• Pricing verification
• Trade Agreements Act compliance
• Basis of Award customer discount monitoring and Transactional Data Reporting (TDR)
• Scope of the contract:
o Labor Categories
o Rates
o Selected Item Numbers (SINs)
• Timely Reporting of Sales:
o Commercial Sales Practices Format
o Transactional Data Reporting (TDR)
• Remittance of Industrial Funding Fee
• Contractor Assessment Report

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